Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Last Shot before sembreak

Datu, tryin to hide his face coz he feel fat. :O haha

 It was so hard to drink this mix berry smoothie, the straw is so effin short, like you'd have to move forward just to sip. :( sucks

My Mix Berry Smoothie; available at Chicco de Cafe :] (uyy free advertising haha)

HAHAH capitalism love story FTW :]  

Welcome sexy lady ;) 

Welcome sexy-er lad--y? haha

 Occupying the WHOLE TABLE. 

Then after we answered our exam, I accompanied friends to answer there's. We transferred at Kangaroo, since Chicco's getting a bit crowded. Ohh try's Kangaroo's chicken curry :]

Perfect Girl, LOL :]

hello Neighbor

Best Friends

Im lovin the rainy weather ;)

It was a tough semester, we had our fair share of laughter, sadness, and depression. It was a very stressful semester, but the end is near :D It was not an easy battle, but we survived (i hope we did *fingerscrossed).


watch out for more awesome-sembreak-related-post because I will be having an awesome sembreak

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