Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Amnesty International Press Conference x Lunch at BONCHON DAVAO :D

So our group, AI-ADDU (Amnesty International - ADDU) had a press conference about the indigenous people and the mining. (search about Amnesty International and you'll see how big it is)

Working girls ; spreading ze word

Our pretty Chairperson Michaela ; with my ugh  Friend Vanessa :]

Sir Ritz Lee-Santos; funny guy :]

Jules the sexiest back stage-er

Eating, our usual bonding :]

Fat braided hair. :] (talking bout the HAIR only)

So fluffy :]

Free snacks c/o MCDO

Then, after that tiresome presscon, me and my friends ate at BonChon, SM Annex.

I love Mogu Mogu; since ever :]

32 pcs of Chicken, 16 spicy chicken and 16 soy garlic. :] (yeah, we get to exaggerate things whenever where hungry)

And we had dessert, we ordered 8 korean yogurts, 4 Blueberry and 4 Banoffee with Caramel drizzle.

I really like Amnesty  International, in terms of vision, we are pretty much the same with any other organization what makes us different, is the way we work things. We work things differently and in ways that doesn't require a lot of SHOUTING or FIGHTING (physically) with the authority, and we believe that there are other means of attaining and fighting for our rights.

ON THE OTHER HAND; BonChon is by far the best fast food chain that serve's chicken; LIKE ever. :D It's chicken is so mouth-watering, (the mere thought of it makes me really hungry.) and you will surely enjoy every bite of it. And it'll actually suite your  taste, you like it spicy? then you can order it's spicy chicken, you like it with garlic, they you can order the soy garlic. It'll fit you're taste no matter what you order. And you get to pair that with there awesome Korean Yogurt, you can choose  between Blueberry which is very sweet but it's sweetness compliments the graham, or the Banoffee yogurt drizzled with caramel which I can say is a match-made in heaven.

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