Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday at Tagum.

we went out on a road trip to tagum... on a sunday... :] 

When I travel I usually bring with me a good book to read. :D

Believe it or this kid bought a cigarette stick at the store. And the lady sold a cigarette stick to him. OMG! :(

My 1st action photo. HAHAHA wow :]


and we ate lunch at Jollibee. I'm not sure if there are other resto's available.

Cute kid. And I'm lovin his mohawk :] COOOOL!


Till next time Tagum ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You got SALE! :]

Did you get the joke in this post's title? Isn't it funny? :] haha. Well sorry my humor has been off lately :( haha! Let me explain this post's title, it's supposed to be YOU GOT MAIL and I changed mail to sale.

So yeah, Mom and I went to the mall, to buy some new stuffs, and because TERRANOVA had a 10day sale, 50%-70% off  to some of its product. And because you can never find everything in one store I had to transfer to one store to another, and another :]

Here are the things I bought, a shirt, 2 pants (1 is khaki and the other one's denim blue), and 2 awesome SOCKS :D.

A shirt. :] I like it simple.

(L-R) I am loving this awesome blue socks with a brown patch on the heel part, too bad you can't see the brown patch :( And the other one's my favorite, a yellow and green socks, from Terranova. (too bad it's not included in the sale :( ) 
Khaki Pants. ( twas a tough decision in buying a khaki pants since it's the same with our school  uniform's pants :( )

Belajar Bahasa Indonesia : Day 1

So me along with my friends (Marry, Step and Jules). Participated in Belajar Bahasa Indonesia, it means learning bahasa indonesia. It was a rare and an awesome experience. I had fun on my first day :D

Hello Ralph :D

Conversation in Bahasa Indonesia

My first few words ;)


Maam Gloria :D We are classmates :] wow haha

Pretty Classmates :] (yes, we are the youngest :( )

My favorite Dosen (teacher) :D Mr. Simon Adare :]

Grey shoes for a grey minded person. DAFAAACT ? :D haha

We had Mango Shake on our afternoon break :D 


This girl resembles my friend. Geneva Bangcolongan :D HAHAH

Selamat Pagi, Pak :D


Took photos the whole time :( haha

Our family Picture :D

Let me introduce myself in bahasa indonesia.

Nama Saya Vim Malicay
Saya Orang Philippines, Filipino
Saya Mahasiswa of Ateneo de Davao University
Saya Belajar Bahasa Indonesia
Saya Belum Menika

-selamat tinggal